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Compositing is a method of video editing that I love to use as a professional video editor. I don’t do it as much as I probably should, probably because I think it’s overdone. Most professionals that edit video find themselves in a habit of doing it once they’ve used it once or twice.

hero_finalcutproWatch out though! No amount of compositing can compensate for poorly shot material or lack of a good story.

It can be so “old school” and boring to tell a story through film without using these filters that are available though! It really all comes down to a question. Is using filters to composite layers together in my video really going to help me tell my story? How? If I can’t answer this simple one, than I probably shouldn’t be using this method in my sequence of video. What’s compositing these layers going to add to my shots in my sequence and what’s the purpose of doing it? Sometimes it just happens to look really “cool” and eclectic so yeah, I go for it. If you’re doing an experimental, comedic or eclectic documentary or music video, than by all means present what you’ve come up with to the director or producer.

It’s not just the “multiply” filter that I use. I actually use more of these compositing filters such as “screen,” “darken,” or “add” as well. More often than not, I use compositing filters in my development of still images while using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I actually composite still images way more than I ever do with any video or documentary. If you have a slower editing machine, it can take so long to render or play back the composited work. I  however am very familiar with the look of each filter to choose from, so it doesn’t take me as long as it might take a less experience video editor.

If you don’t have the time to see how a particular filter works with another, or to experiment with several different composited layers, you probably shouldn’t composite. Otherwise, just have a splendid good time with the look of it!

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