Panning Cranes and Buildings at Ground Zero

Panning Cranes and Buildings at Ground Zero – from the Stock Footage Archive

Medium Shot, 00:15, HD 24 fps, $29.99 plus shipping

9 11 Video Footage – Buy Stock Footage of Ground Zero from our Stock Footage Library

In what may have been the biggest false flag attack in American history, more people died on the United States of America’s soil than during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Even more people are questioning the government’s official story every day. This HD Stock Footage can only be found here at Justice Productions. This was shot in November of 2009 during the construction of the site of the New World Trade Center buildings.

As a cameraman, I like putting movement into shots, making them more interesting. In this clip below which is for sale, I pan from left to right across the construction site where the twin towers used to stand before they were brought down. It is nice to have a steady, static shot of such a thing but the eyes are more attracted to camera movement. If the cranes were moving, it would have been a better idea to keep the camera steady unless you knew in what direction the cranes would be moving before you started rolling. A camera-person could just keep a nice steady tripod shot while cranes are moving. It’s much easier to film action while holding a camera steady than to “make something happen” with camera movements.

Panning Cranes and Buildings Ground Zero
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