Elk Herd – Stock Footage

Elk Herd – HD Stock Footage from Justice Productions Stock Footage Archive

:34, 29.9 fps, HD 1080i60

Stock Footage clip, Mountain and Pond
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Elk. You won’t find much of these at all if you’re a filmmaker in a big city unless you go to the zoo. But you can’t go to the zoo to get these animals in the wilderness. You won’t find any Montana elk if you don’t live in Montana! Not many people live in the great wilderness of this state, or even in the state for that matter. There has been less than one million people living in the great Treasure State since it was founded in the 1800’s.

If you’re producing a film that needs footage of wildlife in Montana, why spend all that money to get your crew or videographer/cinematographer over to film an hour or more of footage when you can find what you need in our stock footage library?

If you don’t find exactly what you need from us right away, we go out into the field and get it. It is far more economical to hire me as a freelance filmmaker to get you good HD footage of wildlife like the clip of elk grazing in the mountains such as the one shown here. You can always contact me for rates. If you need any editing done, I’ve done my fair share as a professional and am eagerly looking for more opportunities.

This stock footage is exclusively found here at Justice Productions and can be yours for a modest price. After you buy, use it indefinitely and creatively. I can’t promise that no other professionals will use it in their work though! As a filmmaker, one of the biggest forms of flattery is for another pro to use footage you especially gathered for video artists as well.

If purchased, please allow at least 2 business weeks for your data disk to arrive. You can also download it after we’ve been notified of your purchase. We will email you with the proper steps to take in getting the process down.

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