Filming Live Events and Streaming

We have the capability of streaming and filming live events such as the video below!

Part of our Live Event Production service is the best wireless microphone quality. We have a lavaliere that fits snugly and comfortably to the lecturer or performer and can get static free, impressive sound that needs little to no mixing in post-production. We have the proper equipment and software to help the whole thing run smoothly.

Preparation is key to a stress performance, seminar, or lecture. You shouldn’t have to worry about a video production professional arriving late. This can mess the entire thing up. We arrive early to effectively test the equipment beforehand so there’s no last second errors that can ruin a simple shoot. We want you to focus on what you need to focus on without wondering about the professionals you hire to record and/or stream.

We also provide adequate director services. If the talent or lecturer needs to start over again on a subject we patiently guide them through the process. There’s nothing worse than making a performer or teacher more nervous than they need to be.

We can film with multiple cameras in HD or Standard Definition. A production can be simple with one camera on the subject in basic SD quality at a lower price, or a crew can be assembled that can provide multiple angles on the subject and projector or marker board.

Lighting is often overlooked when customers consider hiring a filming crew to stream or operate in filming live events. This can make or break any broadcast or recording! If a projector is being used, than most of the time, lights will need to be dimmed significantly so that the viewers in the audience can see the projector. This can lower the quality of the video also to grainy, amateur quality, especially when the camera is on the lecturer or subject. We fix the problem by setting up studio lights on them.

We have personally produced lectures and educational DVDs for national organizations like The John Birch Society.

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