Venice Beach Stock Footage

Venice Beach Stock Footage Rocks 2 – LA Stock Footage Rocks 2

:32, 24fps 1080i HD Stock Footage

On Venice Beach in Los Angeles California, I captured the shimmering waves of the ocean that surrounds the speckled rocks just off the shore. Just hours before the sun goes down its reflection on those waves can cause it to look like an emerald city with no buildings. It’s shines like diamonds and makes you appreciate the small things in life that can be magnified into a spiritual communion with nature. I was lucky enough to be able to have my HD camcorder there to film this magnificent occurrence. I want to share it with you below.

When you purchase this short clip, it can also grace your creation as well. I’ve used it in one of my independent documentaries that was screened by Grammy Nominee Aimee Allen. By buying this HD stock footage clip, you can use it numerous times… understanding that you may not take credit for filming it.

Buy buying this clip, you also acknowledge that you may not download it from Youtube but that we will ship you your movie file by data disk to the address you list in your Paypal purchase with us. Any Questions? Please contact us at (406) 728-0516 Ext. 112 or email

LA Venice Beach Rocks 2

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