Featured Video Production and other work

Featured Video Production and other work by Justice Productions


Justice Productions produces a DVD training series for political activists.

I’m pleased to announced that a project of mine is finally released. The Constitution is the Solution is a collaborative effort with Robert Brown, the Regional Field Director for The John Birch Society. It is a 6 part DVD lecture series that was produced by Justice Productions, and filmed by myself and Matt Miller in Missoula, Montana in the summer of 2012.

This lecture series brings together communities that believe in traditional conservatism and combines them with followers activists of the Constitution of the United States of America. It is being used all across America by The John Birch Society to act as a training tool.


Montana Video Editing Consultation for Grammy Award Nominee Aimee Allen

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Justice Productions is one of the top ranked Montana video editing businesses in the west. Aimee Allen is a singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. She was nominated for a Grammy Award for her song Cooties in the soundtrack to the movie Hairspray (2007) featuring John Travolta. Aimee Allen consulted me for doing the video editing to a performance video to be shown for her performance at Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul’s “We Are the Future” event in Tampa, Florida.

This was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in editing together something. It was enjoyable because it was for someone with talent whose work I really personally enjoy, but also because of the challenge of crafting something together on such short notice that actually has a message for its audience conveyed through visual art.
Enjoy the video below!

Justice Productions – Video Production in the Northwest

One of the many services I can offer you as the owner of Justice Productions, is Video Production.
To film a video. What’s to it besides putting a camcorder onto a subject or thing and pressing the record button? Some don’t know how to prepare to shoot a video, and for this reason, some simply shouldn’t unless they have training. We have the training and experience of several years. When a professional wants to film or shoot footage, it’s effective to talk the vision of the video over with the customer. A visual understanding of what someone wants before going into the studio or out into the field is essential. STORYBOARDING can be effective. For complex productions with multiple scenes such as a fictional film or documentary, this is almost a must unless you have a great imagination and can convey what you want in a scene to your director or your customer without an illustration.
For this video which was produced by me almost entirely for the Combined Federal Campaign, the vision was entirely inside my head. I had sat down in a stress free and comfortable environment with my executive producer and we talked about the vision and what sort of shots we wanted. We also talked about the PACING of the video. Fast? Slow? A variation of tempo? It is helpful to ask yourself the question before you film and while you film, “What’s next after this shot, and how is this shot I’m filming going to contribute to the point of this video as a whole or to the story I’m telling visually?”


Sunrise Saloon Commercial | Lighting Management for any film crew



Stop Motion Animation commercial The Mis-Adventures of Dude



Street Theatre | An Experimental Film



This video below is still one of my absolute favorites. It’s one of the first promos I was consulted to do. The theme of the video was the special part. It’s all about charity and community helping one another. iCreate is the name of this one, for the Combined Federal Campaign of Western Montana. I’ve used this creation as a promo reel in the past.

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