The Constitution is the Solution | a 6 DVD Lecture Series by The John Birch Society and produced by Justice Productions


Justice Productions produces a DVD training series for political activists.

I’m pleased to announced that a project of mine is finally released. The Constitution is the Solution is a collaborative effort with Robert Brown, the Regional Field Director for The John Birch Society. It is a 6 part DVD lecture series that was produced by Justice Productions, and filmed by myself and Matt Miller in Missoula, Montana in the summer of 2012.

This lecture series brings together communities that believe in traditional conservatism and combines them with followers activists of the Constitution of the United States of America. It is being used all across America by The John Birch Society to act as a training tool.

As a part time activist myself, I thought I knew just about everything about The Constitution, and so did many others involved in this production. Boy, were we wrong! With this DVD lecture series, you get entertained and informed easily as Robert Brown dissects the history of America and explains how we are not a democracy, but a Constitutional Republic that utilizes a bit of democracy. We also learn about what makes a our form of government the last best hope the world over; if we can keep it!

A Lesson in Lighting: This series is very well lit in my opinion. Without the lighting design of Justice Productions, this would have looked horrible and the subject wouldn’t have been hardly visible. The rooms lights had to be turned off so the projector screen could be viewable. We had no spotlight to keep Robert viewable to the camera so we instead put lights on both sides of him alone.

Also involved in the production are Jim Munro (grip), Justin Maxson (grip)

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