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Music video made for Julian Jared Ricci – Music Made In the USA

Julian Jared Ricci composes music made in the USA. When Julian Jared Ricci of approached me to produce a performance video of his new song “Silent Serenity” off his new upcoming album, I had to think about it for oh, two seconds. Below you can see the new video that was also filmed by myself and Jim Munro in Missoula. This video highlights our most well known services – Video Production and Video Editing!

Sometimes just a simple, straight forward video is best for any musician to highlight their MUSIC. That’s what I did here when I filmed and edited this video for Julian Ricci. Many talented artists get bogged down in thinking that they need a huge, expensive overly produced train-wreck to “get them out there and be recognized.” In other words, their music composition get’s overshadowed by the video. Ricci was wise in allowing me to keep it simple for his beautiful song. The music was recorded live by our condenser microphones and tweaked very little in post-production. We wanted to showcase the song rather than make the video overly extravagant. Overly produced videos can look contrived and corny, so we stuck with the power of the music. Lesson learned: don’t do too much and trust what you have on camera. You can’t force a great video with overly extravagant effects and editing as this can turn off an audience in 3 seconds.

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