Corporate Event Filming and Corporate Video Services

Corporate Event Filming is also another service that Justice Productions provides. Consult us for our rates.

In the past I have assembled crews of three or more (sometimes less) for companies the likes of Sammons Trucking in Missoula, Montana. Sammons Trucking is a publicly traded company based under UTI. By producing corporate video for them, I managed to preserve the “family values” that the company prides themselves in, yet they were allowed to expand with the online advertising that Justice Productions provides for them. They still use us even in the present time. You don’t have to trade your values that make you what you are in order to grow and be great. Afterall, that’s what makes great companies great, especially Sammons Trucking. All they have to do is keep true to themselves; they have, and that’s why they are so successful. I understand that you don’t have to sell your company ideals to make it big.

They have become such a sought after commodity in their market that they are called the “best kept secret” in the industry! In 2012, they won an award as the one of the “2012 Best Fleets,” so we made a video about it while at their 50th anniversary. We also filmed their live event, as there were many awards given to the best truckers in America. I’m glad Justice Productions could help them grow into being more of a digitally marketed company.

A lot of veteran companies and corporations have seasoned workers and sales workers that aren’t quite as “digital savvy” as the younger generation of marketers. It’s easy to get into a TV shell that limits your scope of marketing into a broadcast TV tunnel vision. Broadcast TV is losing the younger generation and the biggest demographic out there: WOMEN.

More young women are getting into the INTERNET with their smart-phones and Kindles. If you are corporate, you want to be advertising online as much as possible. It is so much cheaper than TV spots in the long run! Justice Productions understands that corporations and big businesses are looking to cut liabilities and maximize profit. TV networks charge more in the long run, which increases the potential liability of any business. They may offer cheap commercials, but the cost of airing your spot can be exponential. Youtube doesn’t charge, so take advantage of it with us.

Imagine how much a broadcasting network charges per month. That can be over $5,000/month just to get your commercial on when YOU want it on! With online advertising in corporate video sales, we can make you something for a fifth of that price and really all you have to do is check your weekly traffic that you are generating from Youtube views and Google Adwords. It works in your favor because more people are tuning out of the TV and onto the fun-filled gadgets that technology is providing.


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