Venice Beach Rocks and Waves Stock Footage for sale

Venice Beach Rocks Waves 1 in LA

:56, 24 fps, 1080i HD Stock Footage

This is the sequel to the first shimmering HD stock footage clip of Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California that I have. I have edited this clip into a previous independent documentary in which I produced called Dreams of Liberty: Panacea as well. Nature provides the best canvas for the art we can create or capture with technology. I personally find inspiration in the natural landscape of places across America that I’ve travelled to. Luckily for me I happened to have my camcorder on the beach of course and my tripod! Even when I’m on vacation it’s hard to leave the camera in the hotel/apartment, especially because I may end up the nature’s beauty on camera! The ocean was glowing with diamond sparkles, and its waves graced the jagged rocks yards from the beach. I had to film it of course.

Venice Beach Rocks and Waves 1
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