Mountain and Pond Stock Footage of the Rocky Mountains

Mountain and Pond – Buy Stock Footage from the Justice Productions Stock Footage Archive

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In the Rocky Mountains of Montana, just outside of a small, quiet western town, you can see beautiful green mountains in the hot summer time. Montana is a temperate climate which means that the temperature can change rapidly from cold to hot in a manner of minutes. I was lucky enough to be in the majestic Rockies on a hot summer day in which you can see the heat rising off the trees and brush from a distance.Ahead under the horizon and hidden inside the area you can see a small pond to the left of the divide where the peaks meet the flat. This clip can be yours to use any time you want as long as you don’t claim credit for filming it.Some of the best mountains you will find for documentary sake on a sunny day are in the west, particularly Montana.Montana actually means “mountain” and was discovered by Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. They had been commissioned to find a water route to the Pacific Ocean by President Thomas Jefferson, who had bought a huge hunk of land called the Louisiana Purchase from the indebted French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Throughout a good half of the trek, they had to paddle and row their boats upstream with guide and interpreter Sacajawea and her French fur trading husband Toussaint Charbonneau!The Rocky Mountains of Montana have received much limelight from Hollywood. Films such as A River Runs Through It (Director Robert Redford), The River Wild, The Shining, Far and Away, Forrest Gump, The Untouchables, What Dreams May Come, The Horse Whisperer and The Lord of the Rings (Director Peter Jackson) have actually been filmed in destinations such as Glacier National Park and Bozeman, MT. Don’t ask me my favorite one of these movies, I actually like them all; except The Untouchables! I was hoping that Jeremiah Johnson (Sydney Pollack) was filmed in Montana, but most of it was filmed in Utah on Robert Redford’s property.

Stock Footage clip, Mountain and Pond

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