Stock Video Footage of World Trade Center

Stock Video Footage of World Trade Center Gates and Skyscrapers

:11, 24 fps, 1080i

This is stock video footage of the construction of the World Trade Center in New York City before it was unveiled to the public with the New World Trade Center name. This clip is extremely rare as police and construction workers were quick to tell you to turn your cameras off if you could manage to go unnoticed for more than a few seconds.

I’ve never been jailed for filming anything in America, although a lot of security guards and policemen in the Big Apple will try and intimidate you into thinking that you must or you will be detained; especially around the construction site of the New World Trade Center. I always manage to go unscathed, partially because my background is in broadcast journalism, so  taking risks is almost second nature. Know your rights and how to talk your way out of anything. A lot of cops in America’s biggest cities (especially New York) will threaten to take you in if you don’t demonstrate that you know your rights. Most will not take the time to think or debate you because it’s simply not worth their quota. If you are on private land, however, Good Luck! Of course it’s easy to be startled or to be afraid to film in places like these, but I always try not to think and JUST DO IT. I’d advise any cameraman to check to see the parameters for filming at a place before any filming begins.

This footage is much needed when doing news stories on the fly or documentary work on New York and how the development of Ground Zero evolved and was transformed into a breathtaking work of architecture.

WTC gates and skyscrapers1
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