Arlington National Cemetery Graves Rack Focus – buy stock footage

Arlington National Cemetery Graves Rack Focus – buy stock footage

Filmed in 24 fps, HD 1080i

Listen to the slight, gentle breeze on a hot summer’s day in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia and you may mistake the voices you may hear for the souls that are remembered there in the grave-site below. The zephyr seems to whisper tales of bravery and torment of the zeitgeist that engulfs the acres of graves neatly strewn about the hillsides. These brave men and women fought in some of the harshest war conditions this country has ever been put through.

All you really can hear is the sound of silence; the quiet solitude of nature that provides the perpetual resting grounds for those that fought heroically in the war against impending genocide and democide (death by government). The perils of war can hardly be imagined even when considering what they went through while serving abroad.

This short clip is rare and was filmed in HD quality that mimics the frame rate of real film. I have used it in one of my own documentaries and now I’m giving you the chance to use it in your film.

Arlington Cemetery Graves (Rack Focus)
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