Licensed Video Editor for the State of Montana

As a professional, licensed video editor with the state of Montana, I have used Final Cut Pro 7 to not only put together and arrange corporate videos to tell coherent and upbeat stories that viewers can get into easily, I have also tutored professional video editors.

This 2012 election season, I was consulted for live event production by a politician who ran for governor of Montana. He made a speech announcing his pick for Lieutenant Governor. I traveled to Helena, the state’s capitol to get my tripod and wireless microphone system hooked up to him for a speech on what could be considered short notice. As a freelancer, I know that some gigs are at the last second, especially political arrangements. When you are on the campaign trail, things are pretty “run-and-gun” and if you hire a videographer or a freelance producer, you want to focus on the campaign and not on the video. That’s where I come in. Justice Productions gets it done!

I filmed the speech in the Rotunda and then headed outside to get some interviews of campaign supporters. The interviews turned out to be a great promotional video to be used online. This was much more effective; using a longer promo on his website rather than paying for a network TV spot. In the long run, customers who want to reach a bigger, younger crowd pay much less and reach more people by using the Internet.

I have a quick turnaround for completing videos as a video editor online and for TV spots. If you have a vision and we talk it through, you can give me your filmed footage and I’ll put it together and get it onto DVD for you or upload it to Youtube. It can be your child’s piano recital footage you taped personally, a live event, a sporting event, graduation, your home movie, your band’s gig, wedding, outdoor activity, or just something special you want to remember forever.

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