Legal Video and Deposition

As a freelancer, I also videotape a variety of different types of legal video. Contact Info

Justice Productions offers you scripted video production and high quality sound for the court record. I understand that legal depositions involve more than simply recording video and audio of a plaintiff or defendant’s testimony. That’s why I follow a script that involves telling the attorneys when everything is on the record, the time of recording, when everyone goes off the record, etc. after the video recording.

Deposition filmed in SD for a client in 2015

Deposition filmed in SD for a client in 2015

We have a basic variety of great looking muslin backgrounds in a neutral white, black, and green variety. We record using high quality, professional sound because we know how important things are when it is vital to your client’s case. We can also film in SD or HD, SD being more basic and affordable with a quicker turnaround for your records.

A Day in the Life

I follow your client throughout a normal day, week, or month, and then edit the video down to a short documentary that captures the most important moments. This can make the most compelling case because it gets down to how someone’s life has been changed both emotionally and physically. I then make a DVD for you.

Court Deposition

An interview or interviews with the client, and film evidence. This can be done in a business office or a home for example.

Will Signings

Focus Groups






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