Corporate Video Promotions are a Service of Justice Productions

These days, I find that corporations want longer corporate videos to promote their ideas, and to get people talking about what’s going on. If they are publicly traded, they want to show their shareholders how the company is doing through video. This not only keeps a buzz going, it is also essential in order to encourage stockholders to keep their stake in the company. This video above is an example of one of the least expensive and longer videos that I’ve produced for any big company. Bretz RV has ready and willing salesmen that can appear on camera and show an audience a tour of travel trailors and RVs. Their salespeople have appeared in commercials for other companies in Missoula, Montana as well.

I like to film these videos alone and have done this more times than I can count. An assistant may be needed though if the weather is unpredictable.

So what is the best weather for these types of outdoor videos to be produced? It helps to choose a partially overcast day that isn’t too cold or warm for these types of shots. Some talents don’t mind being filmed in chilly weather because of their body type. Nervous talents can do much better in below average temperatures because they tend to heat up and sweat more often. This can be a problem on a hot filming day. I keep a towel handy for that sort of thing. You don’t want too bright of a day because that can also create unwanted shadows on the RVs and your talent. Too much sunlight can also blind your talent on camera, getting a squinting facial expression on your salesperson. Who’s going to listen to what the salesperson is saying on camera when they look uncomfortable? An irritated look can lose your audience in 2 seconds or simply distract the viewer away from what is being demonstrated.

A little wind isn’t bad because I have windscreens on my wireless microphone systems. These devices are the best in the biz that I’ve seen for video production. They are reliable and don’t suck the life out of your simple batteries quickly.

Please contact me at 406-207-2960, for a free estimate or consultation on one of these videos.

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