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Matthew J. Beard is a Freelance Video Editor in Missoula, MT

I am a seasoned freelance video editor with several years of experience. Not only have I edited 3 independent documentaries that were bought and broadcast on Dish and cable TV. I have also trained other editors in Final Cut Pro 7 such as Tim Brockman, a producer of programs on the CBS Sports Network . I am also a sought out video editor online as a Youtube Video Editor.

As a freelance Youtube Video Editor, I take and edit the footage previously filmed by media companies, film producers, talent and marketing agencies, churches, families, bands, and other freelance camera-persons. Once I edit the footage I can post it on your Youtube Channel or onto my channel. I may also wish to use your video that I created for your Internet purposes and use some of it or all of it as a way to promote myself on my channel as well.

Do you need your own Youtube Channel to create a big buzz about your work/business or simply to show your extended family your children’s precious moments? We can create those for you. We have done this for numerous clients including Peak Performance Physical Therapy in Missoula, Montana, and Sammons Trucking!

As far as price goes, most online video editor professionals will charge up to $75/hr!

I give a free quote or estimate of how much it will cost your project or footage to be edited professionally and delivered to you either by an external hard drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Data Disk, or other agreed upon methods.

In 2012, a local film producer consulted me to edit most of the film seen below together. I was not involved in the production at all, merely the post-production process. This is a taste of how I can put a story together with your previously filmed footage. Check out this film called Waiting to Wake by Director Cheyenne Adamson of Grubstake Films.

Here’s a tip: if you are an amateur video editor that wants to make a seem-less great edit, you should cut on action whenever possible. But the secret isn’t really so much the video as it is the sound.

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