Forest Pine Branches rack focus – HD Stock Footage

Forest Pine Branches rack focus – HD Stock Footage

:21, 29.9 fps, 1080i60 HD

This is video production brewed in the Rockies. We don’t have Sam Elliot to narrate this blog, but if we did, that’s probably what he would say!

Beauty isn’t hard to find in the Rocky Mountains, so I managed to capture a frozen moment in time and offer it to you here. It’s a clip that is available to you now at a lower price and is only exclusively available here. This clip is of a rack focus in the mix of tree branches. From the foreground to background and back again, it’s a pretty shot filmed on a warm summer day.

As of yet, it hasn’t been used, so filmmakers can feel confident they can use this clip to create something that hasn’t been seen yet: Literally!

Stock Footage clip, Forest Pine Branches rack focus
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