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Justice Productions makes it happen | Background

Justice Productions offers many services in America from Video Production to Documentary Film Consultation – Grant Proposal Writing, Youtube, Graphic Design, Legal, and more

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High School Reunions | Commercials | Real Estate and Property Videos |

Public and Private Events | Education and Training Videos | Weddings |

Company Profiles | Corporate Video | Corporate Promotions | Corporate Events |

Live Events and Streaming | Music Videos | Performances | Legal Video | DVD Duplication

Video Production with Justice Productions – Matthew J. Beard produced and directed We Want to be Sweat Free (2008), which appeared at the NewFilmmakers Summer Film Festival, NY in 2009. Beard also produced it for airing on Denver’s Free Speech TV.

Grant Proposal Writing – You can’t really make a film without money unless you know wealthy people that are kind (farfetched?). How will you get money without something to pitch to broadcast TV networks such as a film proposal? A grant must be written in the form of a film proposal that is quick, to the point, and effective in describing the story you want to tell through film. It also needs to answer the questions that potential investors and producers will ask during the pitch process.

Justice Productions consults documentary films and grant writing. We do it at affordable rates so you can keep the budget you need to make your film.

We Want to be Sweat Free – see what the film is all about




Video Production, Digital Animation, Computer Animation, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Filming Live Events, Sound Editing, Grant Proposal Writing and more

Video Production, Graphic Design, Internet Banner Ads, Filming Live Events – We can film your live event with multiple cameras in HD or Standard Definition (less expensive)

DVD Authoring – Graphic design for casing and disk labeling, professional DVD menu design -Youtube Channel creation and Video Uploading

Corporate Videos, Internet promos and TV commercials, Digital Animation and Computer Animation. CONTACT 1 (406) 207-2960 or email

-Documentary Film Consultation, Grant Proposal Writing

Final Cut Pro 7 Tutorial and Training, Digital Editing help and Training

Free-Lance Montana Video Production and Montana Video Editing for the American West and East Coasts

While I interned for PBS in New York City, I also filmed and edited a free-lance Sports Documentary called YANKEE FANS GOLD WILD! which was produced in 2009 by TRD Enterprises in Canada. I usually just take my gear in my backpack and film footage and interviews in the street. Multitasking is a must when you’re working in the field as a free-lance Montana Video Production pro. The Yankee fans were ecstatic! If you look in the trailer you may see one of them grabbing my camera in a euphoric frenzy. The energy was great, even though I’m not a Yankee fan at all.

Professional Montana Video Editing for Fictional Films

Above is a movie called Waiting to Wake (2012) which Justice Productions owner Matthew J. Beard edited and mastered to DVD for Cheyenne Adamson’s Grubstake Films. It took less than a month to make a final cut of the film and to then master it using Final Cut Pro.

The sound on set was rough at times and needed to be smoothed out, which wasn’t a problem. There were green screen problems on the set but the director worked in post-production with me at our Justice Productions office in Missoula, Montana to bring about a creative solution.

Corporate and Non-profit Montana Video Production, Montana Video Editing in the Western USA

About a year ago, a non-profit organization named The Montana Policy Institute along with Carl Graham in Bozeman, Montana approached me to film, animate, and edit a short video for them. They used it to promote their new “Tapping Capitalism” tour in which Carl promoted this video state-wide. Graham is an influential and talented political speaker that was easy to work with. It helps to have great people with great attitudes to work with in order to produce an effective promotional piece such as the one above.

The Montana Policy Institute has been growing consistently ever since, so we’re glad we could help them in doing so!

Online Videos for your business

If you are a business, whether corporate, or small entrepreneur than you need to get a buzz going. You’re either growing or you’re dying against the competition, as the old saying goes, and to help you grow, Justice Productions puts you in the place where you need to be in order to get the customers talking about you! As a Montana Video Production house, we are in the business of increasing yours.

Posting your online videos on Youtube and Facebook generates customer loyalty, and has it’s own way of making your organization or business fresh. By consistently updating your Youtube Channel, website and Facebook pages with new video or artistic graphic material, you increase the traffic to your website and Google will index your pages more often. This results in more sales whether on the Internet or in the store. THE VIDEO ABOVE is an example of work Justice Productions can do with your business.


Documentary Film Consultation and Video Production


Is your company or organization traveling somewhere and need the story told on film for promotion or other purposes? Is your school sponsoring a humanitarian effort to teach your students and need a colorful video portrait of this valuable lesson? Are you an activist or part of an organization that wants to expose your plight to the public in hopes of reaching out to community and creating much needed awareness?

We have been producing festival acclaimed documentaries for several years and are not about to stop now! We film your plight or project, interview sources, write and record voice over narration, edit the project and make it available on the big screen or DVD no problem. Filmmaker and Montana Video Production artist Matthew J. Beard started producing films for causes and journeys several years ago. His adventures have taken him from Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA, West Virginia, New York City, to Washington, DC just to name a few. Justice Productions was consulted by Ray Rogers in New York City to re-master Beard’s first documentary on labor union strife in Colombia. The short documentary is called, The Cost of a Coke: Revisited.

We have successfully produced short online and TV documentaries for FSTV (Denver, Colorado) including The Cost of a Coke (2008) and We Want to be Sweat Free (2009).

 Music video made for Julian Jared Ricci – Music Made In the USA

Save thousands with Internet Video Promos instead of TV Commercials!

A great way to bring views or traffic to your website and Facebook page is to make videos. If you are a business or organization, you need to keep it looking fresh and consistent with new material, yet you don’t want to have to spend over $1,500 every month to your local TV broadcast company.  Youtube is free and Facebook is easy, so take advantage of it!
Justice Productions makes this so cost effective it’s not even funny. We make videos for your Youtube Channel and website that can include narration, digital animation, creative graphics, Green Screen, interviews, and more! If you’re not growing in today’s economy, you’re dying. Keep it on the living edge with us!
Bretz RV keeps their website updated with videos we make for them. Though modest and cost effective, it keeps the buzz going! This also serves as a reference to their customers around the country when special deals come out on their products, such as this Springdale 2012 5th Wheel. Their customers can search go on virtual tours and choose from their wide selection of products online, call them up once they decide, and then come on down to pick it up. This can work for you, especially if you want to expand your business. TV is gradually dying, as more and more people go to Youtube and social network sites to get their news and entertainment. Even middle aged and retired people who aren’t used to using computers must dive in and learn how to access the Internet with younger generations teaching them. It just goes to show that even the most wealthy demographics are finding themselves riding the wave of technology to buy products rather than the old television set. That means that you get to save money by using a worldwide network of information that is shared by all demographics instead of dumping your resources into an expensive TV broadcasting company.


Leave a Lasting Impression with Montana Video Production from Justice Productions


Web Marketing for online businesses like the Montana Outdoor Radio Show and Bretz RV


The Premier Montana Video Editor


We edit your filmed footage and create graphics for it! You can call us at (406) 207-2960 for all your Montana Video Editor needs. Montana video editing companies can be expensive, but not Justice Productions.


Justice Productions makes it happen | Background


The Premier Western America Video Editor, Montana Video Editing

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