Peak Performance Physical Therapy TV Commercial – Video Production and Video Editing


This is a TV commercial for a business called Peak Performance Physical Therapy. I did the video production and video editing.

Often marketing groups and businesses would rather go through the broadcast TV stations to produce a commercial. Why is this a bad decision? It’s the EASY way out, and often the most uncreative way to try and get more customers. A lot of broadcast networks are good at convincing you that it’s the way to save money too. After all, their salesperson wouldn’t have been hired if he/she was bad at selling you advertising time! A network is going to get most of their money out of you simply by selling you air time anyway. With their rates, they won’t be “starving” by not producing your commercial.

The bottom line is, most of the commercials produced by networks just plain suck because they’re cheap. When they pitch you an idea for the commercial, they’ll give you statistics and polished words to convince you to have them produce it for you. But in the end their quality and ideas stink for the most part because it’s going to look like every other business’s commercial that they’ve done. That is the LAST thing you want for your ad. You want to separate yourself from the competition, and when you have networks produce it, you’re going to most likely blend in with your competition. And there goes all the time you spent on your ad campaign down the drain! With advertising, you get what you pay for. When you have a cheap ad running, you’re telling your viewers that you think they don’t deserve better either.

Why are broadcast networks so cheap? Why is this sooo BAD? Read More here...

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