Medium Shot – Sailboat on Ocean Outside of LA – HD STOCK FOOTAGE

Beautiful Medium Shot – Sailboat on Ocean outside of LA -00:00:37, 24fps, $49.99

This is a medium shot of LA Stock Footage filmed in 24 fps HD. It makes me want to lick my film-making lips and make me wonder why I’m almost giving it away for a low price. It tastes so good on these fingertips I just had to make it available to you. I figured that would only be fair, after all every filmmaker needs a break, especially with something I’m proud of filming myself. I love the way the see has a natural green look to it from the sun and the sky.

So go ahead, take a gander and enjoy the 38 seconds of a ship on the glimmering ocean just outside of Los Angeles, California! It was filmed the week before Christmas Break near Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California. This clip was filmed on mini-dv and is only available through this website.

Sailboat HD Stock Footage


Sailboat Medium Shot
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