LA Stock Footage of Beach people walking by

HD Stock Footage – Beach people walking by – LA Stock Footage from Stock Footage Archive
Full Shot, Telephoto, HD Stock Footage, 24 fps, 1080i

This is LA Stock Footage. Just next to the venders, and just feet from the glimmering coastline in Los Angeles, California, you can see people go by and about their business by Venice Beach. The seagulls screech and float above the water. This clip was filmed just before Christmas week in 2009. Some people would actually think it’s cold in Los Angeles during this time. While I was filming there I saw people in their coats in 60 degree weather! I was in my long long sleeve shirt ready to roll and chuckling about all the people walking by in coats like it was “chilly” outside. Try Montana out for size! Venice Beach is great to film in the winter because my hands never get cold! On the other hand, filming in the mountains of Montana in winter is much different. Come with your gloves and stalking cap if you don’t want hypothermia! The scenes are breath taking, yes, but the temperature is not for the faint of heart.

If you need any stock footage of wildlife such as buffalo and elk, it’s in my backyard, so give me a call and we can discuss rates! I plan on posting some elk footage very soon so stay tuned!

You can check out a bit of Rocky Mountain Stock Footage from this website’s stock footage archive as well.

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LA Beach Stock Footage
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