Rocky Mountains Dead Wood – HD Stock Footage

Rocky Mountains Dead Wood – HD Stock Footage from Justice Productions stock footage archive

HD 1080i60, :16, 29.9 fps,

This is one of several high definition filmed clips while on location in the Rocky Mountains. Stock footage is another video production service of Justice Productions.

My favorite part of this shot is not just the wind moving through the trees and grass in the background, but how the sun illuminates the grass as it gets waved along by the zephyr.

Wind has a way of giving the shot natural action. Funny to think how wind can make the trees, grass and flowers look like they are performing for the camera while the dead wood is sitting inactive and lifeless. That didn’t seem to keep the grass from dancing all around it, the sun giving it life from above and a touch of grace.

This footage is not available anywhere else, and you can download it or buy it from us now. It’s great for nature films or can be used for a fictional film, maybe even a horror film of a cabin in the woods.

Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery.

Stock Footage clip, Forest 1

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