HD Stock Footage of United Nations Building

HD Stock Footage of United Nations Building Wide Angle Lens pan right/left, HD 24fps, :25 seconds, $59.99 plus shipping

This clip was shot in November of 2009 outside of the UN building in New York City. I shot this across the street because I knew it would only be a matter of time before the guards would harass me and tell me to go to film across the street. I eventually crossed the street and actually filmed on their property for a great amount of time before they told me to leave!

It was a cold and snowy trip down to the building from the Port Authority building in New York City. I’m used to trudging for miles in the snow of Montana while hunting wild game, so you can imagine that as long as I had a pair of gloves and a stalking cap on that I’d be right as rain. I can’t lie though; it was pretty cold outside and my fingers always get cold pretty easily. The things we camera-people do for our craft! The weather set the perfect scene for this massive building shot. This clip can be used for a variety of different topics. It can be used for any effective documentary or news reel on politics or culture in America or the world over.

When you order this clip, we can either mail you this video file in a format such as AVI, Quicktime (.mov) or and Mpg 4 file.

UN Building Wide Angle Lens pan right/left
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