Why are broadcast networks so cheap in making your commercial? Why is this BAD?

If you are investing in advertising on the TV, you are doing it because you want to make more money for your company in the long run. When you choose a TV network to produce your commercial, it is usually because they convinced you that it will SAVE you money in the short term. However, you can easily dig yourself into a hole with this short term mentality.

Broadcast networks are cheap with commercials. Why? Because they can send two or three underpaid news cameramen out to your business and rush you through everything without regard to how you want things done. Almost NO creativity and artistry is involved. That’s because TV crews are trained in news, not artistic direction. There’s is the same old story-line that they do for every other business that chooses to go through them: “Come on down folks and buy from us, we’ll treat you like family!” Why is it the same with almost every local commercial? Because TV crews are usually the ones creating them!

An effective commercial is one that sets your business apart from all other advertisers. Broadcast networks do just the opposite.

Let me ask you an honest question… do you think McDonald’s or Coca-Cola is successful with advertising? You would probably say “yes” right? Why are they so good at how they advertise? They are good because their name sticks in your head. When you think of burgers, you think of their brand above the others. They have a catchy song or a little phrase that you remember like a top-ten pop hit. They have successfully set their products and business apart from the others. Guess who produced those ads… it’s NOT the broadcast TV networks that aired them, I can assure you.

Leave the storytelling to Justice Productions, and leave the gimmicks and statistics to networks. We help you create a campaign that you will be proud of. I’ll be happy to give you a free estimate on your new ad campaign! Contact Matt at (406) 207-2960

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