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Viral Marketing Video with Justice Productions!

Picture 6It’s a profitable new way to get people to discover your business or talents as a musician, writer, etc. and that’s with video and graphic design for your website through Internet video marketing. A great graphic sets the tone, and a video compliments the look with an explanation of what you’re all about.

Sure you’ve got the flashy great look that draws attention, but you have to keep that attention with people wondering what comes next! Controversy, sex, comedy, gossip, heart, soul, or just plain substance is what keeps people coming back for more. Quick and interesting stories are always great if you can keep them concise and to the point.

Also, do not underestimate the amount of people that want to gain a better living by learning things for free just by watching a video! People post videos about how to edit photos using software for example. The web is rampant with educational pieces that can eliminate the outrageous costs of college. If we can create a helpful video to take your skills viral online, you can get millions of views and get money just by people watching your Youtube Channel. It’s a process called “monetization” and it works. I personally profit from Adwords monthly!

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We’ve produced corporate video for clients such as Bretz RV and Sammons Trucking, non-profit promos and instructional DVDs for Chicks N Chaps and The John Birch Society, online video marketing for Peak Performance Physical Therapy and the Montana Outdoor Radio Show.

However, just having a catchy, great looking video or graphic won’t get you noticed by millions. You have to know how to optimize your online content for search engines such as Google. That’s also part of our service for Viral Marketing when it comes to video and graphics. Climb the search engine ladder with our help. It’s not as hard to rank in the top pages if you know the steps to take and are consistently committed to reach your high mark.

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