Elk Herd Running – Wildlife Stock Footage

Elk Herd Running – Wildlife Stock Footage from the Justice Productions Stock Footage Archive

:19, 29.9 fps, 1080i60 HD

Stock Footage clip, Elk Herd Running in mountains
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When it comes to wildlife and stock footage, elk can be extremely hard to find. Of course anyone can travel to find elk farms where they are kept in fences to get easy stuff for your film. However, it’s not authentic and it is dishonest to any viewer when you use video production of elk or any other wildlife stock footage of an animal in captivity. Kind of takes the “wild” out of “wildlife” and it takes the life out of any film. You would have to count on a great portion of your audience on being dumb, or if you’re not directly hoping they’re blind enough not to notice, you would be calling them dumb by putting that kind of stock into your film or news broadcast.

When I filmed this wonderful HD shot of running elk in the mountains, I was lucky enough to have my Canon camcorder with me, which also films in progressive formats too. Lucky that I had a tripod to mount my camcorder on too.

A great tip: when considering a professional camcorder to buy, choose one that is just heavy enough to keep a shot steady while handheld, and just light enough to handle fluently. If you are not strong enough for a pro camcorder, get in the gym and pump some iron. On the road, you may see something great that you’d like to capture for your film collection without having your tripod with you, and if the camcorder is too light, it can make for a very wobbly shot, especially in telephoto. Wide angle should be easy to keep steady without a tripod, but it’s those close, tight shots that can make a viewer dizzy if you didn’t film it with strong arms and shoulders. My camcorder is a heavier one than most, and in this case I had to make sure that the tripod I chose could support its weight. A lot of young filmmakers don’t know that a weak tripod will not last with a heavy camcorder. So choose wisely and ask how much your new tripod would be able to handle as far as camera weight goes.

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