I Provide Video Editing Even if You Already Have Footage

A lot of times people just need video editing done for their new footage. Sometimes it is a family vacation, a wedding, anniversary, high school graduation, high school play or musical, or just some video you would like to mail grandma. How will you put that together without a solid computer software program that enables you to do so? If you don’t have the time to do it, things can get frustrating.
This is a video that I edited for Sammons Trucking in Missoula, Montana. All the footage was filmed by them at their business. I designed the graphics with their original logo and animations at the beginning and end to establish their watermark and branding!

Justice Productions has done editing for families, couples, editing for businesses, non profit groups, websites, activist groups, producers, films, production houses and more. I have had corporations and parents come to me with footage they’ve already filmed, yet they want to have something professionally done and they have no way of completing the project due to time constraints. I have never worked on footage that is too much or too small, and that’s great on a day to day basis; it keeps my job different and challenging.

I am a licensed contractor with the State of Montana, so please contact me at (406) 207-2960 or email justice.beard@gmail.com and let’s talk about what you need to have done!


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