Live Event Production

Filming Live Events: We do Live Event Production for musical performers, teachers, lecturers, marketing agencies and more.

If you’re an artist, performer, marketing agency, or just a parent with a child who has an important event that you want to capture forever, we can help. Those moments are precious and they never come back, so that’s where we come in.

With several years of experience in Video Production and post-production, we’ve handled things for The John Birch Society, Celebrating Conservatism, and music artists such as Universal Choke Sign and American Made Man (seen below).

If you want your followers to see the event to be produced and if you don’t already have someone to optimize your website that you’ll be wanting your fans  and potential fans to discover your work on, you’ll be wanting to call us. We have a php, css, and html computer programmer that can consult your needs. Put your video or live event onto your website and get it into the top pages of Google with our search engine optimization tools. You can’t get discovered if you don’t know someone in the biz or don’t have a way to get into the top rankings in your field through the Internet.

My equipment is top of the line with regards to a wireless microphone, lighting, cameras and post-production work. I see it through until its up and running on Youtube, your website, DVD or other digital means.

Recently we did work for the latest Election Sermon from Covenant Community Church and Project Liberty Tree in Helena, Montana. This DVD is the third Election Sermon we have produced, and it’s growing every time. We set up lights and camera and are producing a DVD set for people to be able to buy through their congregation and website. With website optimization, your customer base won’t be limited to just your church, but it will be available to be purchased by the entire world. Think big and shoot for the stars, we can help you reach the moon with your ideas. We can help you do it right!

Don’t wait until the last second! Give us a call at 406-207-2960 for a free estimate!

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