Justice Productions makes it happen!

Matthew J. Beard is a Montana video editor, producer, and director. He has a B.A. in Media Arts which he earned from the University of Montana. He makes festival films, works with advertisers, and other clients. He has produced for United Way, TRD Enterprises (Canada), Combined Federal Campaign and others to produce online promos for organizations, TV commercials for local businesses, and music videos for the most talented musicians and bands including Grammy Nominee Aimee Allen! Justice Productions (DBA) makes many things possible for you with corporate videos, instructional videos, lecture series.

Do you have footage of a your child’s high school piano recital, birthday or holiday video that you need produced into a family memory on DVD or YOUTUBE video? Justice Productions can make it happen, crafting custom graphic designs and DVD menus especially made for you.

We now have the capability of streaming live events such as the video seen here that was recorded for a Montana politician.

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