Arlington National Cemetery Full Shot from Stock Footage Library

Arlington National Cemetery Full Shot – Stock Footage HD

:17, 24 fps, 1080i HD stock footage

When you purchase this royalty free film clip, you may use it as long as you do not claim copyright privileges for it. The shot will be mailed to you on a data disk as either a Quicktime Movie file, Mpg-2, or an AVI file type. I have personally filmed this and am proud of it. I have also used it in one of my films. To me, the clip serves as a time capsule for hallowed ground that I had the privilege of visiting. It was an opportunity for me in remembering or observing a time in history where so many fought for the United States of America and gave all for whatever reason they had in mind at the time. You’ll rarely find a reason other than for liberty and justice for all.

I edited this clip into my anti-war film, but you can use it for whatever purposes you so choose… you are buying it after-all! I personally don’t think this clip is complete without the other few clips of Arlington National Cemetery that I have posted on this library. For any film, it usually takes several different and varied shots that are usually used as cutaways. I used this clip for a cutaway with my other shots of the cemetery. Most of the grave shots I used in my film are not even in this library. This shot uses a tripod and is better quality than what Youtube can offer as a preview.

Arlington Cemetery Graves – Full Shot
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