HD Stock Footage of Ground Zero Crane Tilt Down

Ground Zero Crane Tilt Down – HD Stock Footage from the Justice Productions Stock Footage Archive

:15, 24 fps, 1080i

You won’t find footage like this anywhere else. This is an HD stock footage clip of the actual construction of the New World Trade Center in New York City! I happened to be there in 2009 and was able to roll the camera on a historical process. Films will be made on the development of the new buildings from ruins of terrorism. Now you can make it part of your documentary or news report simply by credit card or Paypal below. You may use this clip as long as you do not take copyright credit for the clip or re-sell the clip after your purchase. The shot that is filmed starts at the top of a crane that is being operated at Ground Zero and tilts down towards the bottom of the construction being engineered. Some of the most precise engineering should be complimented with precise camera work or filming.

This shot is handheld without a tripod, mostly because officials rarely let videographers operate with tripods in the streets. Some go to lengths of making you get a permit especially for certain areas of New York City. Security guards and cops usually ask to see what you’re filming in places like these. You don’t have to prove anything to them. After all, your camera is your private property. While I was there filming, I never succumbed to the intimidation of authority telling me they had to see what I was filming. It’s not illegal to film so don’t feel intimidated. You don’t even have to talk to them unless they show you a warrant or arrest you. Even if they do arrest you, you can still win and file a lawsuit with a lawyer present.

In other words, know your rights before you go into an endeavor like filming things in public, especially on sidewalks.


Ground Zero – Crane Med. Shot, Tilt Down
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