Video Production Service in Northwestern United States

Video Production Service is offered by Justice Productions in Missoula, Montana. It doesn’t stop at just producing your video either.

Part of this service we provide is finalizing the project for release. We can take the finished product and either upload it to your Youtube channel (or your encoded video playing interface), or we can author a great looking DVD complete with an easy navigable menu. ES 2012 DVD MenuOne of the things we specialize in is recording benefits. The video posted was a charitable event to benefit a cancer sufferer. Her story was quite unique by the way she is treating her disease with herbal remedies and holistic methods.

One way to raise money for your beneficiary of the event is to sell DVDs of the actual event, especially those who couldn’t make it. Another way for fans or followers to purchase is to allow a download of the event online exclusively at your website. This can even be done with Youtube.

Contact us if you want to learn more about how it can be done through online ways such as Youtube.

We provided the event with sufficient lighting equipment on stage. Without it, the event would have been not doable as soon as the projector screen was being used. The stage would have been so dark that no one in the audience would have been able to see the people on stage. A lot of event planners don’t think this through until the last method, but we suggest it.

So what good is an event without proper lighting? What good is a video production company that can’t also provide proper lighting for the event at an affordable price? No one wants to be left alone in the dark when it comes to their special event that they’ve rehearsed for and prepared for so long. We can help shine a light if needed.

Where there is a will, there’s definitely a way with us!

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