Freelance Video Production in Montana

Freelance Video Production for hire in the northwest with Justice Productions

As a customer looking for quality video, you don’t have to be limited by hiring an expensive crew to get the job done. Freelance video production also allows me to travel and keep expenses down for any client that needs a simple videographer. That goes a long way when considering crews can be 3 times as expensive to hire for simple production.

With most companies of media masters, you feel it in your pocket book. I usually charge 25 percent less than most snob nob big boys that have hidden fees.

Filming outside can also cut costs by leaving behind lights that most likely would have been needed indoors. Keeping adequate light on a subject with the sun can be very tricky depending on if it the day is overcast or where the sun is in the sky.

Having the same producer also edit the footage and deliver a completed product whether on DVD or online also saves costs. I’ve done various work for the Montana Outdoor Radio Show, Sammons Trucking, Bretz RV & Marine (see video below), Land Escapes, churches, and more. 

If you want the full package, I can set you up with an online marketing suite that can optimize your website traffic by having your video online where the whole world can potentially see it. I can’t promise a lot of views, but I can guarantee a great method in which will set you up to get thousands of them that can put what you want in the spotlight.

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